Coral Football Jackpot – Turn £1 into £100,000!

The Coral Football Rollover Jackpot: £100,000+ Jackpot for a £1 Stake – Every Week! – PLAY NOW!

Coral’s amazing Football Jackpot which rolled over to a humongous total of more than £5m in late 2014 was won by four Footy Jackpot players who will have been screaming from the rooftops after Everton’s victory over QPR on Monday was the final piece of their predictive jigsaws, scooping them more than £1m each! Fear not though, the jackpot is still winning as it will be a minimum of £100,000 every week, and you can enter RIGHT HERE.

What is the Coral Football Jackpot?

Not dissimilar to the old football pools, you have to correctly predict the results of 15 matches to be in for a share of that week’s jackpot, and the first sole winner was guaranteed a prize of at least £1 million. ONE MILLION POUNDS!

They’ve trimmed it down slightly since then and now the guaranteed weekly jackpot is a minimum of £100,000, but if often gets much higher than that, with rollovers taking the Football Jackpot over the half a million park several times and back up to the magical £1m on a few occasions. Either way, a hundred grand from a £1 stake isn’t bad going but just think what you could do with £500,000, or even a million…or even more if the Football Jackpot just keeps on rolling over like it did back in December!

Wow… where do I sign?

Well, good question. And the answer is RIGHT HERE.

Run on a Jackpot Pool basis, there is no knowing exactly how much the weekly jackpot will be (other than the first won by a single person which – we might have mentioned – was a very cool £1 million, or when the jackpot has been won and the pool goes back down to £100k). But with Coral pushing this new way of betting hard in the media we predict the jackpot every week will be very large indeed… and given that £100,000 is the starting point, we are talking truly life-changing amounts of cash!

And not only that, if you happen to predict 13 or 14 matches correctly you are still in the money as you will receive a consolation prize that Coral predict could run into the “tens of thousands of pounds” each week (though again this will be dependent on the number of people entering (hence the overall prize pool) and the number of winners of both the jackpot and the consolation prizes.

For the indecisive or time-deprived among you, fear not: by selecting the lucky dip option you don’t even have to go through the rigmarole of picking your own results. But whether you pick them yourself or take the lazy option, be sure to get your Coral Football Jackpot selections in before 3pm on the Saturday of that week to be in with a chance of a big, big win.

How Much is the Coral Football Jackpot this Week?

The Football Jackpot is a minimum of £100,000 each week, but if no one wins it rolls over and can reach much bigger totals: check what the jackpot is THIS WEEK!

So What am I Waiting For?

Another fine question. The answer to which is simply “nothing”. So get yourself over to Coral now and take a punt at winning the kind of money that really doesn’t grow on trees!

Has the £1m Football Jackpot Been Won?

There have been several big wins, including the 70-year-old from Leatherhead who won a cool £30k for getting 14 results right. Swansea’s draw with Liverpool sealed the big win for him but it could all have been so much better if West Brom hadn’t equalised in injury time against Fulham. A Fulham win would have meant 15 correct results and the first £1m Football Jackpot winner. Sadly Fulham are crapper than a toilet.

The winner was more than happy with his prize though, stating that he would “…now enjoy the good life. I’m going to buy a car and go on a holiday with my wife, probably a coach trip to Yorkshire or the Lake District”. Yorkshire? The Lake District? Now that is the good life!

Since then the £1m Coral football jackpot was hit and the following week the top prize was landed again, the second time paying out an impressive £100,000 for that £1 stake. Not a million but not bad and we expect the prize to grow as more and more people go for the big one. The Jackpot pool is now guaranteed to be at least £100k but if lots of people play it could get a lot bigger and get back up to the cool £1m again. Two lucky punters scooped over £500k each as the pool went over the £1m mark towards the end of the 2013-14 season so get playing for the chance to change your life for ever!

If you want to know what the coupons will look like (you never know, some people might), here you go:

Coral Football Jackpot

So, with the Coral Football Jackpot likely to give you a good reason to open an account with them we might as well finish here, right? Wrong, buster! Because as well as that, you will also have the opportunity to take advantage of Coral’s great £20 free bet which requires just a £5 qualifying bet and you might also be interested in their fine Casino which currently has a great no deposit completely free £10 bonus offer (you can read our Coral Casino review for all the details) or get more info on the bet £5 get £20 free bet offer.

So, hopefully you’ll give the Coral Football Jackpot a go, and good luck with winning the big one (Remember where you found out about it if you do…) Good Luck!

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