Casino Offers of the Week –11th May 2015

Stan James Casino Welcome Bonus of the Week

It’s always nice to stumble across a casino willing to chuck some free spins in the direction of new players to give them a small sample of what’s to come on the site. But, what’s even better about Stan James Casino is that they offer a modest 5 free spins – but on any game in their extensive bonus game section! Rather than having to stick to the same old spins as everyone else (usually Starburst!), players have a great selection to choose from, and a whole lot more freedom to make the bonus their own.

All new players signing up to Stan James can expect a 30% reload on their first deposit made. Granted, this doesn’t seem like the most generous offer out in comparison to the other casino giants in the industry, however this reload bonus is capped at a whopping £300. This is a higher available bonus than a lot of first deposit offers out there, and certainly not one to turn your nose up at.

Stan James Casino Offer of the Week

What you see is pretty much what you get with Stan James– they’re not preoccupied with flashy graphics and complicated designs, but rather on getting you gaming as quickly and easily as possible. It’s the same for their promotions; there are no codes to mess around with, and the bonuses are pretty much automatic.

One which caught our eye was their ‘Weekly Reward Bonus’. Rather than making players wait around for a special reload bonus, Stan James take into account players’ deposits and wagering across the week and award real cash on accounts just for playing every Thursday. No specific time for deposits, no codes and definitely no hassle required.

This is a great bonus in our eyes as it means everyone can participate; whether you’re a casual player or a hard core fan of the casino, there’s a reward available for everyone. The bit we liked best about this offer is that this reward cashback has no wagering attached – so they really are just handing your money back to you!

Stan James Casino Game of the Week

Given it’s plastered all over their slots screen, we just had to try out Stan James’s new ‘Lucky Leprechaun’ slot. This 5 reel, 20 lined Quickfire game features some quirky animations, alongside Wild symbols and Scatters galore to keep you on your toes. There is also a ‘Trail O’ Fortune’ which acts as a multiplier to your turns – the further up the trail you move, the more you win.

Available to both PC and mobile players, ‘Lucky Leprechaun’ does not feature a back story as many popular slots games nowadays tend to; and for the simple reason it does not need one! Featuring symbols which represent everything traditionally ‘Irish’, from a pint of Guinness to the little man in green himself, the game has a simple concept, and is quick and easy to pick up; great news for those new to online casinos.

When playing Lucky Leprechaun, players really could hit the jackpot; if they manage to find the lucky golden four leaf clover, they could find themselves winning up to £100,000!

So head down to Stan James Casino today. Be sure to give Lucky Leprechaun, along with the rest of their huge range of slots a go! Who knows? It could be your lucky day.