Terminal Poker €400 welcome bonus

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Terminal Poker mobile poker offer – €400 welcome bonus

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[button link=”https://www.terminalpoker.com?regCode=C63EBB96-6634-410A-91A9-80F4E315D3FF” style=”large blue rounded” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”]Click HERE for your €400 welcome bonus from Terminal Poker[/button]

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Terminal Poker mobile poker offer details

– €400 bonus as 200% match of first deposit
– open an account on your PC or mobile and enter the code CCGNEW when you make your first deposit
– bonus credited in €20 increments every 2500 bonus points you accrue
– one bonus point is given for every €0.02 paid in rake
– you have 90 days to clear the bonus
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Why sign up with Terminal Poker?

There are two main reasons to open and use an account with Terminal Poker:

1. the generous welcome bonus that is worth up to €400, and
2. speed, speed, speeeeeeeeeeeeeeed…

Let’s tackle the bonus first.

In order to qualify you simply need to open a new account with Terminal Poker on either your desktop PC or mobile device, and when you make your first deposit make sure you enter the bonus code CCGNEW.

Your initial deposit is double-matched, giving up to €400 in bonus (obviously when your deposit is €200).

Of course, life is not always simple and you have to jump through a few hoops to take full advantage of the offer.

Instead of giving you the full amount at the start, Terminal will release the bonus is increments of €20, each bonus payment being given to players every 2500 bonus point they accrue.

Players will earn one bonus point for every €0.02 paid in rake, meaning you’ll have ‘paid’ €50 in rake for each €20 of bonus.

While we would clearly prefer the offer to simply double-match your initial deposit and allow you to use (or lose) it as you please, this still represents decent value to players who want to hit the tables regularly.

Which brings us onto the second major attraction of Terminal Poker: it’s quick. Very quick.

The reason things move so swiftly is that if you are in a cash game, once you fold your hand, instead of having to wait for the rest of the table to play their cards, you get magically (well, maybe it’s not magic, but you know what I mean) transported to a new table. The upshot is that you never have to wait more than a few seconds for the next hand, making accruing those bonus points all the easier.

How good is the Terminal Poker mobile site?

We will be honest here (as we always are) and say the site itself is, to put it politely, pretty much ‘no frills’. You can choose to play either Texas hold ‘em or Omaha games and you can either go for cash games or tournaments.

There are not as many players on Terminal as some of their more established rivals, especially at the higher stakes, and this can be a frustration at times, but they have recently tripled the number of tournaments available as well as guaranteeing a freeroll tournament every hour.

The plus side of Terminal Poker being a relatively small fish is that the standard of players is not generally as high as at some rivals.

Even though they’ve taken the no frills approach that’s not to say no thrills can be had, as the pace of the games more than makes up for the simplicity of interface and lack of extras. Indeed many players will be thankful there is no chat function given how some players react when they suffer a so-called bad beat… they tend to keep quiet when they fluke a hand on the river though!

Overall then, this is the perfect poker room for players who want quick games at mainly low stakes on the move. If that’s what you want, then get signed up now and start earning your bonus.

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[button link=”https://www.terminalpoker.com?RegCode=C63EBB96-6634-410A-91A9-80F4E315D3FF” style=”large blue rounded” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”]Go to Terminal Poker[/button][button link=”http://mobilegamblingoffers.com/terminal-poker-mobile-review/” style=”large light-blue rounded”]Read our review[/button]

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